You work hard and make a decent income, but you can't seem to figure out how to work together well and gain momentum or make progress stick.

You realize status quo isn't good enough anymore.
 1. You really want financial freedom, and to make dreams come true.
- You want peace and power in that desire.
- You wanna feel like an adult and a wise steward of your money.
- You want your money to improve your relationship(s), not sour it.
2. You want GOOD help to make things better. Much better. 
- You want COMPETENT help; someone who actually knows what the crap they are talking about.
- You want to short cut the overwhelm and reduce the learning curve.
- You don't want to be pressured or sold; you want to know good options and then help to process your options and decide your best next move.
3. You want to be inspired and supported to overcome your challenges. 
You want compassion and a safe place to learn. You ARE trying!
- You want a coach who believes in you, and helps you believe your goals are possible.
- You want a coach who understands how to help you through the hard. 
4. You want accountability.
- You want to stop hiding from your crap.
- You want a coach to help you fight for your potential; to help you see, say, and do what needs to be done. 
Sound about right? 
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Sheri B.
Ditch the paycheck-to-paycheck patterns.
Find unity and financial intimacy with your spouse.
Cut the learning curve and make lasting change.
Pay As You Go
No Commitment
One time payment
Pay and Schedule Here
Preferred by people who:
Want a lot of flexibility.
  •  One 60-minute private session 
  • Unlimited email access for 1 month.
Doing money Differently
Achieve your focus
3+ Months Commitment
Preferred by people who:
Are ready to make their financial goals their main focus this year. It's time, baby! 
  • Two 60-minute private sessions each month
  • Total Access to Ruth Liebel's Toolbox 
  • Unlimited Email Access
YNAB Coaching
Concentrated help
One time payment
Apply Here
Preferred by people who:
Want to use YNAB as their budgeting tool, but want to fast-track the DIY learning curve.
  •  Four 60-minute private sessions 
  • Unlimited email access for 6 weeks.
60-minute Sessions
Private time to figure out and address what really matters for real and lasting progress!
Accountability to help you actually accomplish the good things and become the successful person you want to be!
Expert Attention
With an expert in your corner to shorten learning curves and reduce mistakes, you will quickly save big on time, energy, and money!
"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."
- Albert Einstein
Private Coaching will help you...
Get your YNAB budget (or any other budget system that works best for you) up and running fast so you can focus on the important stuff.
Understand and solve for the roadblocks that have previously held you back. Overwhelm, embarrassment, and regular money fights be gone!
Get the financial tools and direction you need. See what you haven't seen before so you can achieve success that sticks.
Create a plan that you AND your spouse can be happy with.
Change your money.
Change your life.

See what they say about it!
I worked with Ruth to clear some hurdles in developing my business. Ruth is an absolute pleasure to work with. I took copious notes - her insights into not only business, but life itself, were so helpful! I found I got far more done knowing I would be meeting with her and reporting my progress. She is easy to confide in, and I could trust her with all of my thoughts. I have worked with coaches in various areas of life, and I learned most from Ruth!
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Kerry W.

Financial coaching felt far too expensive when I started, but the financial gains exponentially overcame the expense of coaching. Coaching with Ruth far exceeded my expectations.
I wanted to feel financially competent and start to overcome what felt like insurmountable financial hurdles. Within a few months of working with Ruth, debt was dissolving significantly and our financial future looked secure. I spent a lifetime feeling like I was “bad with money”. When I realized that wasn’t true, everything changed. I went from fearing an impoverished old age, to earning, saving, spending, and investing with determination toward my dreams. And I dream big!
I can not praise this process enough. Ruth listened without judgement and worked hard to add value to every session. It was worth every penny. I wish I had done this twenty years ago.

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Summer L.
A little about Coach Ruth
  • I love money stuff but I don't love math or complicated things. Reading 401k and insurance stuff is really boring.
  • I try not to use 4-letter words around my kids ....and adults....but sometimes there are just no other words.....
    • I am a fan of parables and stories for teaching. They are WAY more fun than a lecture.
      • I know how scary/hard asking for help can feel, and what a game-changer good help can be!
        • I don't believe in a one-size-fits-all solution. I love to give people a solid place to start and help them cherry pick what works for them and what doesn't.
        • I really don't like commitment, because it is so concrete. But I love commitment, because it is so concrete.
        • I believe you are your best financial adviser; you just need to find your groove.
          • I have VIP membership in the lazy club AND the tenacious club.
            • And I believe God wants everyone to create and live in an abundance. We just have to be willing to do the work and not rush ourselves.