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1. Why would I pay for a coach or course instead of just putting that money toward my financial goals? 
Well, are you currently putting the money toward your goals?

Albert Einstein said, "We can't solve problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."

Benjamin franklin said, "If you think education is expensive, try ignorance."

Education and coaching is an investment of money, time, energy, pride, familiarity, etc. There is a cost, but a good investment will return many times it's cost later.  Become informed about the benefits more than the cost. Education helps you understand your money better, and coaching helps you understand yourself better. Together, it is dynamite for a life-time as your own best financial manager. When the course and/or coach are good and you commit to the process and do the homework assignments, the money and other resources you invest will come back to you 1000's times.

If it helps, every client to date who did the work with even moderate effort reports it was worth every penny.

If you aren't sure about me, take a look at my free resources first including my video series about wealth and money. You are also welcome to schedule a free consultation to discuss your concerns and see if we are a good fit.
2. How can I pay for a coach or course when I'm already living paycheck-to-paycheck? 
Clients usually find the money quickly just using their new budgeting skills. Some decide to pull from savings. Other people cash in Birthday/Christmas money or sell stuff hanging around the house or storage unit.

Some employers will pay part or all the cost. Some clients take the skills they learn in the course and make the money plus some. Some have even earned promotions and raises at work from applying the skills they learned.

I discourage the use of credit cards because there is always another way; finding the funds could be looked at as your first homework assignment. That said, I understand those skills are exactly what you know you lack and what my course teaches, so if you really can't figure out another way and you are committed to doing the work, then.....

Note: I offer a finder's fee of $100 per registration, so recruiting your friends on this journey with you is another great way to get money for your course fee!
3. Can I learn at my own pace? 
Private coaching is the most customized learning there is. Where ever you are, is where we work.

My courses vary in flexibility.

Some courses are designed as a live learning experience, similar to a college course...except way better because there aren't exams or essays. The high contact with your coach and high accountability are part of the superpowers. You will get the most benefit if you attend and participate in as many live sessions as possible.

Other courses are completely up to your own pace. Watch the videos and complete the homework at your convenience. However, I recommend you setup your own pace and accountability. Stats show that only 14% of online course (any online course) registrations actually finish the course. This is a bummer since success and growth is achieved in the doing, not the purchasing, so accountability and support are priceless in areas of high learning curve, high overwhelm, or high consequences if you don't accomplish what you are out to do.

4. Are you accredited or licensed by educational organizations? 
There are no licensing or accreditation requirements to be a financial coach. However, I do have a bachelor's degree in family finance--my practicum was in financial counseling, I am a YNAB Certified Coach, and I completed Ramsey Solution's Master Training program. I have been budgeting and investing since my youth, and have helped 100's of people create useful budgets. I do not take lightly the trust and confidence people place in me, and I work hard to be as competent and professional as possible. If you would like more info about my qualifications, visit my About Page
5. Does coaching really work? 
YES. Yes. Yes.

Financial coaching is not a service of hours worked but of TRANSFORMATION.

  • Changed insight
  • Better tools--physical and metaphysical
  • BIG support and awesome accountability
  • Time saved
  • Money saved
  • Frustration spared
  • and RESULTS, result, results!

Coaching can increase your success by more than 80%! My clients accomplish their goals in a fraction of their DIY schedule. They are also often able to accomplish what seemed previously totally impossible.

Private coaching is powerful and ideal for people who will not likely share their personal details or ask the necessary questions in a group setting.

Group coaching is excellent for people who learn well vicariously through others, don't really know what questions to ask, find strength in knowing they aren't alone in their struggles, and are inspired by other people's growth.

The most power comes with a blend of the two.

6. How much personal coaching will I get? 

LOTS! Individual attention for each client is very important. One of the reasons people hire me is to help them get beyond the fog, the ignorance, the overwhelm, or the slower DIY route. I encourage participants to really use their live coaching time whether it's private sessions or group sessions. I am always available via email and private coaching clients have access to me through text as well.

8. What are the technology requirements? 
All coaching sessions are done via Zoom; you don't need to download anything, just join the meeting via the provided link via email and your membership portal.

While not essential, a desktop makes it easier to share your screen and troubleshoot the technical parts of your budget.

99% of my clients use YNAB as their budgeting tool, so comfort and regular use of a smart phone and laptop is important. 
9. Do I have to use YNAB to benefit from financial coaching? 
No! In private coaching, you can use any budgeting system with which you are currently comfortable. You may just be flying solo more in the bookkeeping parts of your budget. This may not be a problem if you find the majority of value in the accountability and all the other benefits of working with me.

See my Budget 101 freebie for more info about my most recommended budgeting tools.

I frequently work with clients who are finance pros (investors, accountants) and even other financial coaches who just want the accountability, a safe place to process their money thoughts and conflicts, an objective person to help them work successfully with their spouse, and my unique expertise and insights into behavior and psychology around money.

10. How much time will coaching take? 
Private and group sessions are 60 minutes.

Private coaching is 100% your pace plus a little push. Time outside of sessions is completely up to you. "You get out of something what you put into it."

Courses vary from 5 days to 6 months at 3-5 hours per week.
11. What is the refund policy? 
The short answer is, I have a no refund policy.

Too often refund policies enable indecision, poor decisions, or lax commitment, all of which I help my clients reduce in their life. If working with me seems like the help you are looking for, but you still have questions or concerns, I encourage you to contact me or schedule a consultation. I love helping people find a confidence yes AND a confident no.

I don't make any promises about outcomes from working with me because so much of the results are based on the clients' efforts which I have no control over.

I do promise to show up every session prepared and ready to provide as much value as possible. I am deeply invested in my clients' success. I am very generous with my knowledge, resources, short cuts, pointers, etc. I never tell anyone what they have to do. My job is to help you understand yourself and your options very clearly so you can make the best decision for you, and then fuel your desire to follow through on your decisions.

If life makes it unreasonably difficult to continue with coaching or a course, I am more than willing to work out a solution with clients who communicate with me. 99% of the time clients would rather have help than a refund.
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