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Did you know that the way you see your money has the greatest impact on how you manage it?
Too many people stay broke, even if they make higher incomes, because of their perspective of what money is and what it isn't.
Here are a few common limiting beliefs around money:
  • The trick to getting ahead is to scrimp and not spend money.
  • Budgets need to divide "needs" from "wants."
    • In order to get out of debt, I need to sell everything I have and live on beans and rice.
    • YOLO. We should get what we want now because we can always make money later.
      • Wealth destroys relationships and corrupts people.
      That's why I'm offering you:
      A New Perspective:
      The Secret to Money Success
      Just four short videos:
      • A Higher Perspective
      • The Four Pillars of Money Mastery
        • Symptoms of Living Reactively with Money
          • Creating Harmony in The Four Pillars
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          These videos are for people who:
          • want to have better control of their money.
          • appreciate a Christian perspective.
          • are frustrated with what their spouse is spending money on (or vis a versa).
          • appreciate influencers like Dave Ramsey, but may not want to cut up all their credit cards, sell everything they own, nor live on beans and rice in order to get out of debt.
           This content previously was only shared in the first two private coaching sessions with me, which means it's arguably a $300 value. 
           Considering this  perspective has been such a powerful launching pad for so many people to finally achieve their financial goals and create unity in marriage around money, 
          a new perspective can be
          a million dollar difference!

          And it won't cost you even a dime!

           Ruth has been a blessing for me and my family. She is very knowledgeable and caring. It was so hard to get my wife to help me with budgeting, and one session with Ruth and she was on board. She has helped my wife and I grow and get in line on our financial goals. If you are wanting to achieve your financial goals, I would encourage you to work with a financial coach, and Ruth does an amazing job.

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          Hunter M.

          "After our first session, I felt happy, excited, comforted and most of all, hopeful. It’s not like I’ve never felt hope before, but I have continued to feel hopeful with the same intensity since our first session because I believe that I can truly become a master of my money. The coaching I am receiving is impacting more than just how I manage money, it is improving every facet of my life.

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          Susan M.

          Ruth has changed my life! Yes, I know you could save the money to pay something off but does that change your habits? Has that helped you make any progress thus far? Ruth teaches sustainable practices that lead to change. Do yourself and you’re relationships a solid and get in touch with Ruth. She will not let you down. Don’t spend another moment stressed about finances. You can make a change. ‘Work is the vehicle of change. Let’s make some change!’;)”

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          Jon M.