Budgets for Abundance
A 12-week Course with Ruth
Professional Guidance and Coaching to Create the Financial Plan of your Life
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Tuesday, June 6
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 Budgets for Abundance is a 12-week program that
coaches you though each step of building a useful, customized budget so you can ensure your money goes to the things you (both) will value most in the long run. 
You don't have to be in the dark or overwhelmed anymore.
I will personally coach you through each step,
in the right order.
Master your money.
Master your life.

Course Details
 Course Dates 
Wed, Jun 7 - Wed, Aug 23
1:00 pm Mountain Time 
 Here's What You'll Learn in Budgets for Abundance 
  •  System #1: Money Decisions
  • System #2: Working with a Partner
  • System #3: Banking and Bill Payment
  • System #4: Budgeting and Tracking Money
  • Budget Buster #1: How to Budget for Irregular Expenses
  • Preserving Your Money: Managing Life's Risks
  • Budget Buster #2: How to Keep Food and Groceries from Sabotaging Your Budget
  • Taming Debt: Strategies and Skills for a Successful Break Up with Debt
  • Making and Growing Money; Best Investments 
Payment Options

We both thought coaching couldn't do much. We thought we were surviving just fine. But after that first session it became clear how much Ruth could help us and it was really huge for us. I honestly needed a coach. I hadn't learned much about money growing up, so I learned a ton here and after just 3 sessions, I felt way more prepared for facing financial hurdles and budgeting!

Our biggest lightbulb moment was getting on the same page about spending fun money. That was huge in our relationship and has really healed something that was a real struggle for both of us! Ruth also changed my perspective. I thought because I didn't have a degree I couldn't get a good paying job. Turns out I can and I have! I start next week! Without her I never would have applied for anything like the job I found!

Do it!!! It will be worth it all the way. Ruth can help you get the help you need and the help you don't know you need! If we hadn't had her help, we would still be in the same struggle bus for probably years to come! She got us out of our sticky situation and into the future! It's worth every penny!

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Amanda L.

 Financial coaching felt far too expensive when I started, but the financial gains exponentially overcame the expense of coaching. Coaching with Ruth far exceeded my expectations.

I wanted to feel financially competent and start to overcome what felt like insurmountable financial hurdles. Within a few months of working with Ruth, debt was dissolving significantly and our financial future looked secure. I spent a lifetime feeling like I was "bad with money". When I realized that wasn't true, everything changed. I went from fearing an impoverished old age, to earning, saving, spending, and investing with determination toward my dreams. And I dream big!

I can not praise this process enough. Ruth listened without judgement and worked hard to add value to every session. It was worth every penny. I wish I had done this twenty years ago. 

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Summer L.
A list of monthly expenses and paychecks cannot give you the power and awareness over your money that you crave.
Does your money make you anxious, stressed, withdrawn? There is nothing wrong with you. There is nothing wrong with your spouse. You just don't have useful tools!
The common approaches to budgeting turn you into a bookkeeper or a financial crime cleanup crew rather than the master of your money. A list of your recurring monthly bills and paychecks is NOT a spending plan. It's missing too many essential pieces of a useful budget and only leaves you feeling guilty, annoyed, or swinging back and forth between extremes of scrimping and splurging.
 When I talk about about budgets, I'm not talking about looking at where your money went last week and scolding you for it. I'm talking about you knowing exactly what YOU want your money to do for you, and how to make sure your dollars do those jobs. 
“Which of you, desiring to build a tower, does not first sit down and count the cost, whether he has enough to complete it?” (Luke 14:28).
 A useful  budget will help you eliminate your financial drags--

  •  debt payments
  • frequent contention and stress
  • constant worry that you just spent money meant for important thing s
  • missed opportunities because you don't have the funds.

A useful budget helps you build the life you want. It helps you get the most life out of your hard earned money WHILE achieving your financial goals.

Don't lose any more of your life to financial anxiety, vagueness, or overwhelm.

Course Investment
Budgets for Abundance will revolutionize the way you manage money.
I will coach you through all the steps, in the right order, to create a useful, customized budget for YOUR financial goals and values.

And, I'll show you how to do this successfully with your spouse.
One Payment
Best Deal
 16-week access to course content
Total Access to Ruth Liebel's Toolbox
3-months Unlimited Email Access
3-month Free YNAB Budget Trial 

Tricks for Saving on Taxes - Recording
One 60-minute Private Coaching Session
Three Payments
Cash Flow Conscious
 14-week access to course content
Total Access to Ruth Liebel's Toolbox
3-months Unlimited Email Access
3-month Free YNAB Budget Trial 
LIVE Expert Coaching

Each week there will be a 60-minute group session with Ruth to discuss the content for the next week and help you keep momentum toward your goals. This is a valuable opportunity to ask your questions, work though your roadblocks, troubleshoot budget tech hiccups, and learn from other members' lightbulb moments. Major inspiration!  

Session Recordings 

   Each live session will be recorded, and you can access the recordings later at your convenience so you don't have to worry about missing important content due to schedule conflicts. You can review the recordings again and again to master the concepts.    

Tools and Resources

The course includes a 94-day free trial of YNAB, the best budgeting app ever which is the main budgeting tool we will use in this course. Budgets for Abundance includes LOADS of other resources from Ruth's endless toolbox; Guides, short-cut links, discounts, pro connections, etc., etc., to save you time, short-cut you through the overwhelm, and help you get stuff done!    

How to Know If You Are Ready
Budgets for Abundance was created to help people take control of their money. But, it's not for everyone. Here are some important things to consider.
Brain Space

 You need to have the brain space and time to make your finances one of your main focuses for 12 weeks.

Sessions and homework will require around 3-5 hours per week; the first few weeks require more time than the later ones.

Budgets for Abundance includes access to Ruth's expertise and endless resources that will save you all the time and energy possible. Once in place, the savings in time, energy and money that your budget and systems will create in perpetuity is definitely worth the investment. 

Stable Finances
You need to have sufficient income to pay all your regular bills and minimum payments. Paying for the course should not put you in financial hardship.

ANY question can be addressed during the coaching portion of group sessions, but the prepared content in Budgets for Abundance doesn't focus on dealing with creditors or managing financial crisis. If this is your primary concern, private coaching may be a better option.
Want Help
Access to personal coaching is one of the most valuable pieces of this course, and the desire to engage as much as possible is important for success.

While live attendance is not essential, speaking up quickly when you need help and watching the recordings ASAP will be very important for getting the most value from this course.

If you often wait too long to ask for help, or if you don't like the group coaching dynamic, you might not enjoy this course. 
Good Vibes

 Financial conflict in marriage may be a big motivator to join this course, but it is important that trust and communication between spouses are still functional.

The presence of compulsive gambling, higher levels of financial infidelity, or high conflict in multiple areas of marriage is better served with marriage therapy and private coaching.


 Coaching can certainly refuel a fire when it low, and Budgets for Abundance is loaded with inspiration. However, you must come with dedication to improve your finances, willingness to try new things, and commitment to do the homework. Motivation and follow-through can be encouraged, but not purchased. 

Reliable Devices and Internet
You do not need to be a tech whiz (I am NOT one), but ownership and basic comfort with a laptop and a smart phone is important for this course. A web cam is preferred for group sessions.

We will use YNAB inside the course. If learning new budget software is not something you are interested in, or if smartphones are not part of your daily life, then you likely won't get the full benefits of this course and private coaching is a better fit.

Save Your Spot

“I love working with Ruth. After trying to manage all of the information that I have read and listened to, I was still not where I wanted to be financially. Sure, I knew a lot about the whys and hows but I was struggling with where to start and how to prioritize my actions. Ruth has helped me understand Me, and how to customize the tools and information in a way that best serves me and my circumstances. She helps me keep my eye on the prize.

After our first session, I felt happy, excited, comforted and most of all, hopeful. It’s not like I’ve never felt hope before, but I have continued to feel hopeful with the same intensity since our first session because I believe that I can truly become a master of my money. The coaching I am receiving is impacting more than just how I manage money, it is improving every facet of my life.

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Susan M.


"Ruth has been such a huge motivator in my financial life as well as other life goals. She is great at supporting others and giving some very much needed feedback. She has helped me feel more confident going forward with my financial goals. She’s helped me surpass my goals and is wonderful at following up on those goals. She truly cares about her clients and I would gladly recommend her to my family and friends." 

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Mackenzie C.

Ruth has changed my life! Yes, I know you could save the money to pay something off but does that change your habits? Has that helped you make any progress thus far? Ruth teaches sustainable practices that lead to change. Do yourself and your relationships a solid and get in touch with Ruth. She will not let you down. Don’t spend another moment stressed about finances. You can make a change. ‘Work is the vehicle of change. Let’s make some change!’; )”

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Jon M.
1. Why would I pay for a coach or course instead of just putting that money toward my financial goals? 
Albert Einstein said, "We can't solve problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."

If you truly want the huge benefits of this course and are just sincerely working through the math of your situation, I encourage you to focus on the benefits rather than the cost. If you commit to the course and do the homework assignments, the money will come back to you 1000's times.

If it helps, every client to date who did the work with even moderate effort reports it was worth every penny.

If you aren't sure I'm the girl for you, I recommend you take a look at my free resources first including my video series about wealth and money. You are also welcome to schedule a free consultation.
2. How could I pay for a coach or course when I'm already living paycheck-to-paycheck? 
Clients usually find the money in using their new budgeting skills. Some decide to pull from savings. Other people cash in Birthday/Christmas money or sell stuff hanging around the house or storage unit.

Some employers will pay part or all the cost. Some clients take the skills they learn in the course and make the money. Some have even earned promotions and raises at work from applying the skills they learned.

I discourage the use of credit cards because there is always another way; finding the funds could be looked at as your first homework assignment. That said, I understand those skills are exactly what you know you lack and what my course teaches, so if you really can't figure out another way and you are committed to doing the work, then.....

Note: I offer a finder's fee of $100 per registration, so recruiting your friends is another great way to get money for your course fee!
3. Can I learn at my own pace? 
This course is designed as a live learning experience, similar to a college course...except way better because there aren't exams or essays. The high contact with your coach and high accountability are part of its superpowers. You will get the most benefit if you attend and participate in as many live sessions as possible.

That said, I certainly understand the schedule demands of productive adults, so session recordings will be made available for those with schedule conflicts to watch at their earliest convenience. The results promised from the course are created by completing the homework assignments at your earliest convenience. Participants who know they will miss a live session can email their questions and concerns and I will address them in the group session to be watched later via the recording.

Please be aware that the content is not available indefinitely. There is some grace time built in for vacation, illness, crappy weeks, etc., but each piece of content builds on the previous week so keeping a reasonable pace is important for getting the results you desire. Limiting the amount of time the content is available decreases indecision during the purchase process and reduces procrastination during the course. "The greatest productivity happens with a solid plan, a consequence (positive or negative), and not quite enough time."

If a structured, paced format is not a good fit for you, I recommend looking into private coaching or other online course options that let you learn at your pace. Sales pitch - only 13-14% of people actually complete online courses. There just isn't enough accountability and support to properly help with distraction, overwhelm, and fatigue. I'm just sayin'.......

4. Are you accredited or licensed by educational organizations? 
There are no licensing or accreditation requirements to be a financial coach. However, I do have a bachelor's degree in family finance--my practicum was in financial counseling, I am a YNAB Certified Coach, and I completed Ramsey Solution's Master Training program. I have been budgeting and investing since my youth, and have helped 100's of people create useful budgets. I do not take lightly the trust and confidence people place in me, and I work hard to be as competent and professional as possible. If you would like more info about my qualifications, visit my About Page
5. Does coaching really work? 
YES. Yes. Yes.

Financial coaching is not a service of hours worked but of TRANSFORMATION.

  • Changed insight
  • Better tools--physical and metaphysical
  • BIG support and awesome accountability
  • Time saved
  • Money saved
  • Frustration spared
  • and RESULTS, result, results!

Coaching can increase your success by more than 80%. It is even beneficial when done vicariously, which is one of the great things about group coaching. Even if you don't know what questions to ask, you can learn as you watch other people work on their stuff.
6. How much personal coaching will I get? 

LOTS! I encourage participants to really use the live coaching time during each week's session. I am always available via email for questions that are time sensitive. Also, when there are schedule conflicts , participants are encouraged to email me their questions or concerns, and I will address them in the session to be watched via the recording.

If you opt for the single payment option, you get a 60-minute private coaching as one of the bonuses. This can add HUGE value. Private coaching session can also be purchased on the side at a discounted rate; this option is limited to availability.

7. What does the Budgets for Abundance process look like? 
After your payment processes, you will be given access to the membership portal where you can log in and access tasks to be completed before the first group session. The membership platform is very simple and easy to navigate.

We will meet each week for our weekly session where I will teach the week's focus for about 30 minutes, and the remaining 30 minutes is open for personal coaching. This is when you can troubleshoot budget tech or work through roadblocks and really internalize and master the concepts of the course.

Supplemental content and resources for each week's focus will be dripped out so you aren't overwhelmed with stuff to go through and can keep to the focus at hand.

8. What are the technology requirements? 
All coaching sessions are done via Zoom; you don't need to download anything, just join the meeting via the provided link via email and your membership portal.

While not essential, a desktop makes it easier to share your screen and troubleshoot budget tech stuff.

After payment is complete, you will find a link to the YNAB free trial inside the membership portal. You can sign up via the link and download the app on your phone.

We will walk through everything else together in the course.
9. Do I have to use YNAB to benefit from the course? 
No, with a caveat.

You can use any budgeting system with which you are currently comfortable. You will just be flying solo more in the technical parts of setting up your budget. This may not be a problem if you find the majority of value in the accountability and all the other content that is independent of YNAB.

That said, I am familiar with a LOT of different budgeting software, apps, templates, etc., and YNAB is by far THE best. People really love it once they get past the conversion to a new system. If you are comfortable with technology and use smartphones and/or a desktop daily, YNAB is definitely worth trying.

See my Budget 101 freebie for more info about my most recommended budgeting tools.

10. How much time will the course take? 
The course is 12 weeks long and each week's homework will take 3-5 hours per week. There is time built in for sickness or a vacation week or just a crappy week. But you will be most successful if you plan to make this course high on your priority list.
11. What is the return policy? 
I a no refund policy.

I don't make any promises about outcomes from the course because part of the results are based on the clients' efforts which I have no control over.

But I do promise to show up every session prepared and ready to provide as much value as possible. I am deeply invested in my clients' success, but I never do the work for them and I refuse to care more than they do. I never tell anyone what they have to do. My job is to help you understand yourself and your options very clearly so you can make the best decision for you.

I see too often refund policies enable indecision or lax commitment, which are two things I help clients to reduce in their life. If the course sounds like the help you want but still have questions or concerns not addressed in the information about, I encourage you to contact me or schedule a consultation.

If unforeseen life happens during the course that makes it unreasonably difficult to continue with the course, I am more than willing to work out a solution with clients who communicate with me. 99% of the time clients would rather have help than a refund.
A little about Coach Ruth
  • I love money stuff but I don't love math or complicated things. Reading 401k and insurance stuff is really boring. 
  • I try not to use 4-letter words around my kids ....and adults....but sometimes there are just no other words.....
    • I am a fan of parables and stories for teaching. They are WAY more powerful and fun than a lecture.
      • I know how hard asking for help can feel! It's also liberating and life changing when you ask the right people.
        • I don't believe in a one-size-fits-all solution. I love to give people a solid place to start and help them cherry pick what works for them and what doesn't.
        • I really don't like commitment, because it is so concrete. But I love commitment, because it is so concrete.
        • I believe you are your best financial adviser if you have good information.
          • I have VIP membership in the lazy club AND the tenacious club.
            • I believe God wants everyone to create and live in an abundance. We just have to be willing to do the work and not rush what we can't control.