"We work hard and don't buy lavish things, so where is all the money going?!"
"Trying to keep all the numbers and dates in my head just isn't working."
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1. Important elements to make your budgeting system useful for YOUR life.
2. The basics for getting off to a good start.
3. Recommended tools to make it all EASIER!
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You believe in living within your means,
and you make decent money.
So, why is there never enough money at the end of the month??!!!
Managing money as a married couple is totally different than when you were single. You now have two sets of wants, needs, approaches, etc. This complexity can add a lot of conflict.
A budget is KEY when working successfully with your spouse.
You may cringe at the idea of "living on a budget."

they never seem to work.
It sounds boring.
It sounds like a crabby, old boss that demands early curfews and zero fun.
It sounds like pages of spreadsheets.
It sounds like more money fights.


you've just never been taught how to actually budget!
And with 78% of American's living paycheck-to-paycheck and 50% not being able to cover a $500 emergency, it's likely your friends and family don't know the right way either!  
That's why I give away my useful tips and recommendations for getting started.
Because an effective budget will help you:
Save time, energy, brain space, and money!
Break the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle and stay ahead with your money!
Eliminate debt and pay cash for vacations, missions, etc!
Pay a full-tithe and enjoy all those blessings!
Have money to invest in business ventures and retirement!
Have cash for the things you love and not feel guilty for spending money!
Reduce the grossness around money talks with your spouse; get on the same page!
Stop feeling like the "poor friend/sibling"; be generous with people.
Improve your quality of life; generational changes!
Yep! ALL that.
I have helped hundreds of couples create a budget that ACTUALLY WORKS for them!

A budget is a game-changer when it is used in it's true function and incorporates the essential elements of a useful budget.  
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Starting off well is half the budget battle!