Becoming High-Value Women
Join the conversations that are inspiring women to confidently claim their place beside great men by recognizing and improving the use of their biological and individual superpowers to bless the world, starting with their own.
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Becoming High-Value Women is an exciting collaboration with my good friend, Sheri Brasier as our response to a world that is spinning out of control at a dizzying rate.
 Core Beliefs 
  1. Everyone has great value.
  2. Standards and principles of moral conduct are the same for both sexes.
  3. Women and men are not competitors but teammates in different realms; it is our differences that make us valuable to each other.
  4. Women can do anything the set their minds to do; they are strongest in their choice to submit to their feminine powers and energy.
  5. We need each other.
Conversation Examples:
  •  Secrets of a high-value women
  • Boundaries
  • Intentional messaging
  • Seeking truth
  • Impeccable honesty
  • Giving and receiving complements
  • Being interesting and interested
  • Being a sexual goddess
  • Self-discipline and mastery
  • Developing gratitude
  • Order and cleanliness
  • Mastering your money
  • Faith in The Almighty
And so much more!
  1. This is for people who want to make an intentional effort to become better and live better than they are; they are willing to hear and tell the truth even if the truth challenges their current behavior. If you aren’t quite here yet but want to be, we welcome you still.
  2. We love both women and men and believe both sexes are amazing and needed.
  3. We have intelligent brains that love to puzzle life’s pieces together to make things clearer, easier, conquerable for ourselves and those around us. Info is fun, but we are always learning things with the goal to improve how we can and do show up in the world.
  4. Ruth is very good at helping people make good decisions with their resources, support healthy boundaries, and building unity in their marriage. She brings this lens to all topics.
  5. Sheri is very good at helping people wear themselves—inside and out—with confidence and style. She brings this lens to all topics.
  6. We aren’t scared of the ugly parts of life. We shoot things straight. We also love life and are always down for some good fun.
If you are looking for something inspirational with mind-blowing perspectives and support to help you become the greatest influence for good in your world, then
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