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Take On 2023 With a Budget
The professional guidance you need to finally get 'er done!
A 5-day Budget Course
Getting started is often the biggest hurdle!
Don't lose time and energy floundering in all the learning pits!
Just watch one info-packed recording each day and complete the simple homework assignments that go with it.

Ta da! You have a spending plan that actually works!

What you will accomplish:
Set up a spending plan that will actually work for what's important to you.
Put into place important systems that make financial success MUCH easier.
Use the given tools and tips to shortcut through common pitfalls that have derailed you in the past.
Guilt-free spending and the financial progress that comes with a good plan.
One week can change your entire year!
Get Started!
Only $39
What's included:
All for only $39!
I've helped hundreds of people create budgets that finally helped them:
  • Pay off debt in a much sorter time than they thought possible
  • Start a business
  • Finish school with less debt than they started
  • Work with irregular income
  • Buy a house despite the crazy market
  • Make resources stretch during unemployment/underemployment
  • Travel around the country
  • Quit their job and stay home with the kids
  • Retire early
  • Dream with their spouse
During 16 years of marriage, 1 deployment, 4 kids, LOTS of school, 3 cross-country moves, years of under-employment, medical emergencies, car accidents, etc, our budget has been a game-changer for us.
We only made $2-3k/month BEFORE tithing and insurance, and we didn't use any government subsidies.  Yet we were still able to pay a full tithe, be fully insured, and cover all our bills with cash all while having satisfaction in life!

we have been able to pay cash for undergrad, chase dreams, travel, start businesses, replace vehicles, all the great stuff!

Because of my budgeting secrets!
Budgeting isn't about cutting everything fun out of your life. It isn't about saving piles of receipts. And it isn't about perfectly predicting your monthly expenses. Phew!

Spend one week implementing my budget set-up secrets, and you'll be set up to take your 2023 financial goals by the horns!
"The plans of the diligent lead surely to abundance, but everyone who is hasty comes only to poverty." - Proverbs 21:5 ESV